Wedding Reception Management

Leaders In Wedding Managment

Sydney wedding MC are leaders in wedding management and entertainment. We work alongside your allocated reception to ensure the perfect night. Our MC’s are known throughout the industry as fresh, modern MC’s for weddings of all cultures and nationalities. We are recommended suppliers to some of Sydney’s prestigious receptions because through our formal yet fun style, we know how to make your special night truly memorable, entertaining and organised. Effectively, your MC is an additional wedding reception manager who works directly for you not only on the night but during preparations at our meetings and leading up to the night.

At Sydney wedding MC we believe that a wedding MC is one of the most important organisers at the wedding because they simply control how the evening will run and the type of mood which is set as well as the overall feel of the night.

Wedding Reception Management

It is in fact, the most memorable part of the night for you and fiancé and the most part your guests will remember for years to come. Your MC will create the entire ”feel” of your wedding reception which is why we offer you the best entertainers known throughout the industry.

Your MC together with yourself and the reception venue manager will draft the schedule for the night, ensuring all aspects that you have requested are included.  Your wedding MC is then responsible for making your night a success through motivating your guests and setting a happy relaxed atmosphere. Your wedding MC will know all of the correct procedures for the night including the correct order of speeches and formalities such as the cutting of the cake and the official toast which should take place.