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Most people underestimate the role of a Professional Wedding MC. An MC is responsible for more than simply introducing names of a list and making announcements. A Wedding MC is responsible for how the entire night comes together. This includes, project management aspects such as making sure the reception meal times are set correctly at our meeting prior to the night, that entertainment runs on time, and that the bride and groom and bridal party as well as your guests have the correct instructions to make the night run smoothly.

Your MC will draft the schedule for the night, ensuring all aspects that you have requested are included. Your wedding MC is then responsible for making your night a success through motivating your guests and setting a happy relaxed atmosphere. Your wedding MC will know all of the correct procedures for the night including the correct order of speeches and formalities such as the cutting of the cake and the official toast which should take place.

uncle-bobWhy NOT use uncle Bob?

We’ve all witnessed it…. the bride and groom have requested having a friend of the family to MC their wedding. I’m sure you will agree now, after knowing a little more about how important a good wedding MC is, you could imagine how messy and unprofessional the night turned out. A friend of the family should remain exactly that… a friend who sits back and enjoys the night with the bride and groom and family. Lets be honest, brides and grooms have gone to far too much trouble and financial investment on their one special day to have it ruined by a “nice gesture” from uncle Bob, who is too busy drinking and having a good time rather than focusing on being a professional MC.

Over the years there have been some blogs online and even some venues that recommend having a friend MC for you… “someone with sense of humor “. This couldn’t be further from the worst advice given for a wedding. The very nature of this suggestion is quiet ominous. The obvious question is, a sense of humor according to who? A wedding is the most diverse gathering possible. Generally has a range of age groups from 0 – 100, nationalities from all around the world, different political stance, different everything…. Now lets put your wedding in the hands of a friend who thinks his jokes are funny. Moreover, if you think an MC’s role is to randomly get up on the mic and say a few words is it, then we encourage you to read on.

A professional wedding MC spends hours and hours preparing for your special occasion. They will co-ordinate speeches and order of events, contact the venue in advance for any preparations such as sound system requirements and more, an MC will contact the performers to ensure requirements are met and they know what time to play, create a run sheet and much more. A real professional wedding MC will never leave anything up to chance and just “wing it”. Winging it is great if your putting on a casual BBQ with a few friends or making a speech at the dinner table on a random night out. We don’t “wing” weddings, they only happen once in a life time so we give it 100% for preparation, practice, and delivery.

A compromise of part MC role by the friend of the family is always welcome. This means having an some sort of arrangement where the Professional wedding MC allows uncle bob to make introductions at speech time.

We believe an MC can make or break a night simply by how the evening is run and the type of mood which is set. Wedding MC’s create the entire “feel” of your wedding reception so don’t risk anything less.

Our Wedding MC Services consists of :

** The over all organisation of the night
** Bringing personality into addressing your crowd and livening up the atmosphere
** Addressing all formalities and Making announcements
** Co ordination with the venue for meal times, other entertainment and additions.
and of course we are here to pull the entire night together and give you and your guest the ultimate wedding experience through our years of experience and success in weddings.

Sydney Wedding MC offer a variety of languages and custom settings for your evening. Contact us for more information on this.

An investment into your wedding is one of the most precious purchases you and partner will make to date both financially and in the months and sometimes years of preparation leading up to the night. You have booked the perfect venue, chosen your cars, and of course tailored the perfect wedding dress, prepared every last detail on the invitations and every object on centerpiece on every guest table. You have put together all the makings of a perfect day. If you don’t book a professional wedding MC to orchestrate, manage and preset your perfect night, you run the risk of all your hard work going to waste. No, I don’t want to sound so pessimistic and tell you there is a 100% failure rate because this is just not true. What I’d like to express to all brides and grooms to be, is that you certainly run the risk. Make your special night one to be remembered for years to come, let us help you make it just the way you dreamed it would be.

MC Rami

What We Do

Sydney Wedding MC will find the perfect MC for your wedding. All our MC’s are professional wedding MCs and have many years of experience in hosting only the best weddings. We offer a variety of languages to choose from and our planning and organisation gives you the ability to truly enjoy your night and not have to worry about a thing.

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What our Clients Say

Dear MC Jacob!

On behalf of my very handsome ‘husband’ and I we would like to thank each and every one of our friends family and loved ones for helping make yesterday truly magic and the best day of our lives!!! It was beyond our wildest dreams and have we made memories to last a lifetime. Thank you for those who came to help us celebrate and all the messages and well wishes struggling to get through them all! A special thank you to our sexy bridal party and the live vocals to our bridal waltz by Pegah Bentley and of course our MC Jacob who made the night run to a T.
To all those that helped make me feel like a princess marrying my prince in my real life fairy tale I cannot thank you enough. That was one hell of a party

Kelly Hablos

MC Jacob

Hey champ on behalf of me and Gemima I too would like to thank you for been the MC at our wedding just as your title you really are ‘THE MASTER OF CEREMONIES!!!’ thanks again for making our night one to remember with your smoothness in speech, catering for our wedding parties needs lol and also your rendition of sweet darling 😃 thanks a million brother and hope we all can cross paths in the near future.

Sonu Photo and Video

Dear Vince,

Thank you again for your services last night, our family and friends commented on what a great night it was and how everything ran so smooth thanks to you. We will defiantly recommend you to everyone we know.

Lisa Bonanni1st April - Curzon Hall